Workforce Acquisition

This is some text in a paragraph. Every business needs capable people, to ensure that the realization of great ideas is not hindered and that products and services are able to stay in competition in the market.

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Work force rent

Many businesses depend on seasonality or are forced to be very flexible when offering their products and services, due to the hyper competitive market.

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Personnel training

No organization flourishes without complementing the knowledge and ability of the employee. We will assist you in preparing and schooling employees and managing their careers.

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A place for the talented

Our goal is to offer potential employees the best employment prospects and to supply enterprises and development teams with skilled specialists all over the world. We offer a multinational career network and up to date opportunities for schooling employees. In addition, we also offer advice on how to create and maintain productive business relationships. We are mainly oriented in guiding and developing human resources in the food processing, info technology and data protection industries, but we are often approached by representatives of other industries, because of a growing demand for versatile specialists who are proficient in more than one field. We appreciate talented people! Anyone who finds their profession and the development of career-related skills important is welcome to use our services.


Life changing career

Life is an ever-changing sequence of developments during which we have to make many career choices. You must not remain idle and resting on your experience. Instead, you should use it to enrich the world we live in and consequently ensure your own future.

Looking for a Job?

Vilson-Mang is looking for a Data protection Officer (DPO). If you think you have what it takes let us know and we'll contact you!