Workforce Acquisition

Every business needs capable people, to ensure that the realization of great ideas is not hindered and that products and services are able to stay in competition in the market. We give clients a possibility to engage with their core business and help them become more successful through the recruitment of highly skilled employees. How do we find the best specialists for you? We have an international database of candidates, which includes people with very specific skills and abilities, with whom we have direct contact. Every search is maintained by experienced project managers, who have extensive knowledge of different economic fields and who communicate actively with employers and job seekers. We help the employer decide what kind of employee the enterprise really needs and how to present the occupation to job seekers. We are herein aided by our comprehensive know-how on using social media channels for employer marketing and finding employees. Finally, our selected candidates will go through a thorough evaluation process, during which we will determine the most enthusiastic employees.  Our recruitment process is easy, fast and flexible – we offer the employer solutions from the very beginning of the process.

Work force rent

Many businesses depend on seasonality or are forced to be very flexible when offering their products and services, due to the hyper competitive market. In both cases, there is a need for seasonal workers, who are experienced and motivated, despite the short-term nature of the job. Our rather complete network of specialists allows us to quickly acquire the most suitable employee and the most flexible agreement for the employer, with accordance to job market rules. We do not make any discounts concerning temporary employment -  we take care of everything related to the business relationship, from the conclusion of the contract to the ordinary questions of employees.  The cost of the workforce rent is very transparent, without any addition expenses and is taken into account based on rent workers’ working hours.

Personnel training

No organization flourishes without complementing the knowledge and ability of the employee. We will assist you in preparing and schooling employees and managing their careers. We are competent in increasing the knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences and versatility of the employee. Training helps raise job satisfaction and motivation in employees, because we approach training with the firm’s and employee’s personal needs in mind. The development and training plans for employees are constructed on the occupation as well as the organization itself – based on the development plan of the enterprise.

Workforce expenses under control

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to reduce workforce costs is to automate the work process, but it is not always possible to replace people with machines. We are ready to advise employers on how to reduce recruitment costs and how to optimally utilize the skills and motivation of the staff.


We will assist in procuring the best kind of training

Every employer has to make sure that her employee is proficient enough to work successfully. Staff training is especially important for enterprises with rapidly changing technologies. New devices and tools, as well as products and services, are introduced continuously. Our experiences are helpful in choosing the best way, place and time for training.

Flexibility lessens expenses

Workforce rent is a quick and easy way to substitute missing employees or to fill temporary jobs with our selected specialists. You only have to pay for working hours!